Find the artifacts resident on the endpoint and sift through captured data to determine what type attack occurred on the endpoint.

The room is

Task 1: Investigating Windows 3.x

Note: In order to answer the questions in this challenge you should have completed the following rooms:

Learn and practice mobile malware analysis.

The room is

Task 1: Introduction

It’s incredible how often our computers are in the scope of cyber attacks. Antivirus has become an indispensable shield to provide us with a more secure environment, since we are exposed to destructible malware and cyber attacks. Inside our pockets…

Python is probably the most widely used and most convenient scripting language in cybersecurity. This room covers real examples of Python scripts including hash cracking, key logging, enumeration and scanning.

The room is

Task 1: Introduction

Python can be the most powerful tool in your arsenal as it can be used to…

This room covers the principle uses of PowerShell in Penetration Tests. Interacting with files, scanning the network and system enumeration are covered.

The room is

Task 1: Intro

Whether you have direct shell access and try to live off the land or use a command control infrastructure such as Covenant, PowerShell is…

Hello guys, first to first I can say this room is more than linux which includes linux fundamentals, scripting, privilege escalation and more. Good chance to practice and sharpen your skills.

Astronauts use Linux because you can’t open Windows in space.

Why do vampires use Linux? Because they don’t like…


Locating directories using GoBuster:


1. Introduction to Burp Suite

2. Scanner

3. Extender

4. Scenarios with burp plugins

4.1. Retire.js

4.2. Flow

4.3. Logger++

4.4. JSON Beautifier

4.5. SQLiPy Sqlmap Integration

4.6. CO2

4.7. XSS Validator

5. Summary

Attack Scenarios with Burp plugins

1. Introduction to Burp Suite

Burp Suite is a set of graphics tools focused…

NOT:Makaleyi indirmek ya da pdf olarak okumak isterseniz, slideshare adresine gidiniz:

İntihal ve İntihalin Kanuni Sorumluluğu ile Ahlaki Yanlışlığı

Özet Bilimsel araştırmalar bilinmezi bilinir kılmak, sorunlara çözüm üretmek, sosyal ve kültürel unsurları tanımlayıp açıklamak için yapılır. Sonuçlarının toplum yararına kullanımı ve çalışmaların devamlılığı esastır. Bu nedenle araştırma sonuçlarının duyurulması gerekir. İletişim, bilimin temel unsurlarından birisidir. İlk bilimsel…

*Google kullanıcısı = 1.1 milyar kişi
*Youtube kullanıcısı = 1.2 milyar kişi
*Facebook kullanıcısı = 1.2 milyar kişi
*Whatsapp kullanıcısı = 1 milyar kişi
*Messenger kullanıcısı = 900 milyon kişi
*Viber kullanıcısı = 500 milyon kişi
*Twitter kullanıcısı = 350 milyon kişi
*Microsoft kullanıcısı = 1.2 milyar kişi
*Apple kullanıcısı…

Hamdi Sevben

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